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4 Quick Security Tips To Better Protect Your Business Location

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January 5, 2016

In today’s modern era of sophisticated criminal activity and modes of operating, from carrying out break-in’s and theft on business premises to shoplifting, it can seem like a difficult challenge to keep your location, belongings, and merchandise safe and secure.

As a business you are more at risk than your standard domestic premises. Then depending on the type of business you are and the stock you carry you may be at a greater risk level of being targeted than other types of business.

So it is vitally important to consider more stringent security measures to ensure you can protect your site effectively and also economically.

There are many layers of security you can add to a site but below we will outline just four of the more essential types of security you should look to implement at your location?

Alarms For Your Business
In order to ensure a fast response to a multitude of onsite incidents that may arise a quality approved security alarm system is a must. They can help raise the alarm in the case of break in’s, fire, or other emergency that a fast response can help with to save your valuables.

This will ensure that you are alerted whenever an issue arises, and oftentimes, an emergency vehicle such as the fire department or police officer will be standing by to protect your belongings. There are hundreds of different alarm systems, so make sure you do your research and use one that is perfectly suited to your needs.

Do You Have A Safe On Your Premises?
A safe can go a long way to keeping your more precious belongings, and important documents safe in the event of a break in, fire or other natural disasters. Much like alarm systems there are an abundance of options to choose from. So by assessing your own exact needs it is possible to get a safe that will fit your particular set of circumstances perfectly.

There are even safes designed especially to protect against fire damage, which can be a big business security consideration.

Closed Circuit (CCTV) Video Feeds
While CCTV is not necessarily a real time security tool and as such may not help during an incident, it does provide an excellent deterrent and also a follow up identification tool. A CCTV system can give you peace of mind in knowing there is always someone keeping an eye on you, your premises and any staff you may have working on site.

Having a CCTV video system can ensure a potential thief is caught and brought to justice, as well as remove any liability you may have in the event of a break in or other emergency. A closed circuit video feed also will help protect you from potential employee theft or property damage.

Onsite Security Professional
Unlike CCTV systems, having onsite security is a real time deterrent which almost nothing can beat. Having a trained security professional onsite to handle any issues that may arise is one of the best forms of security you can employ.

They are usually available to deal with any potential threats or thefts that arise while you are running your business. You can also hire them to keep a watchful eye on your business when you are not there, during closing hours or when you are away on vacation.

So if you are looking to enhance the security on your particular premises then these are the four areas to take a look at first and see if these need further attention. If you would like to speak with a qualified security consultant about your own particular needs then call us here at RFC Security and we will be happy to arrange a meeting and give you a full site assessment.