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Benefits of Hiring a Cherry Picker

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November 28, 2017

Cherry pickers are a safe, productive, time efficient and cost effective piece of equipment. It is an extremely useful and helpful aid when working at height. This piece of equipment was originally used for picking fruit but is now used for working at height.

Cherry pickers have many uses and the benefits are endless.

Here are just some of the benefits:


Because of its guardrails, cherry pickers are much safer than ladders or scaffolding. The guardrails prevent workers from falling. Fatigue is also reduced when working on a cherry picker as there is no climbing up and down. The equipment also provides plenty of space for tools and materials. This allows the worker to have both hands free.


When using a ladder, workers must continuously climb up and down in order to re-position it. This makes for a risky and time consuming job. Although scaffolding is also safer than a ladder, Assembling an dissembling the equipment can add massive amount of time to the schedule.

The right cherry picker requires zero set up time, can be positioned accurately to ensure the most ergonomic work conditions and can be moved by the worker on the platform while the platform is elevated. This translated into massive time savings and thus fewer workers on site.


In saving the time required to complete each task, significantly increasing the productivity of workers and reducing the risk of safety incidents, cherry pickers reduce the cost of operations significantly.

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