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Cherry Pickers – The Top 5 Uses

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October 31, 2017

Cherry pickers can be used for a number of jobs. It is an important piece of equipment regarding construction and engineering.

A cherry pickers original use was for picking fruit in orchards, hense the name. This piece of equipment is likely to be seen being used to repair electricity poles as well as picking fruit.

A cherry picker aids in the safety of workers when working at height. The top 5 uses for cherry picker are for;

  • Building maintenance
  • Telephone and electricity pole service and repairs
  • Filming events
  • Fire services
  • Picking fruit

Building Maintenance

Maintenance of buildings such as cleaning and painting may require working at height or at an awkward angle. Cherry pickers allow the worker to move easily and provides safety when reaching across and handling equipment.

Telephone and electricity pole service and repairs

A ladder was once used for this type of work, but has now been deemed too dangerous. Now, cherry pickers are used. This is to ensure that the area being worked on can be reached safely.

Filming events such as large sporting competitions

When watching events on television, the excitement is added to by the swooping shots and the high angles of the camera as it captures every aspect of every second of the proceedings. A cherry picker means that the filming equipment can be mounted high in the air to give the viewers a bird’s eye view, which is often better than the spectators who are actually there to see it live.

Fire services

Without the use of a cherry picker, fire services would not be able to bring those on upper floors to safety other than using a ladder. A cherry picker means that – within its operating limitations – multiple rescues can take place at the same time. It also means that firemen no longer have to lift those needing assistance over their shoulder before returning to the ground as they can be placed into the cherry picker.

Picking Fruit

It wouldn’t be called a cherry picker if it wasn’t used for picking cherries. Picking fruit from branches high up in orchards is now easy with the use of a cherry picker. There is no longer the danger of falling from height or the loss of fruit which is unreachable due to its location.


All these tasks have been made safer, quicker and more efficient thanks to the use of a cherry picker truck. However, it is essential that rigorous training takes place before anyone is allowed to operate this piece of machinery. Areas such as general health and safety, machine operation, emergency control and limitations of use must be covered before competency to operate is gained.

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