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How to Find the Best Security Company For Your Needs

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February 9, 2016

There are many different types of security companies offering a whole variety of services and support to businesses and the public. With the advent of licensing requirements for security guards, the trend to contract out is accelerating. This is especially true when coupled with recent trends among UK and Irish companies to restructure and focus on their core businesses.

A security guard, working for a security company is paid to protect property, assets or people. Security guards are often uniformed and act to protect property by maintaining a high visibility presence to deter illegal and inappropriate actions. Staff observe either through patrols or by watching alarm systems or video cameras for signs of crime. They then take the appropriate action and report any incidents to their client and the emergency services.

There is a security company for every requirement and situation. The more popular options are outlined below:

In-house security companies are employed by the same company or organisation they protect, such as a shopping centre, a theme park or a casino.

A contracted security firm works for private companies that protect many of their locations.

Private Patrol Officers
Security companies who employ vehicle patrol officers to protect multiple client premises across large areas.

Building Security
Office buildings, apartment blocks and building sites often require the use of a security firm to provide 24 hour security services. Highly visible security company guards can be an effective deterrent against vandalism, squatters and theft.

Mobile Patrols
Security companies can tailor services to meet individual client requirements. Mobile patrols can be randomly carried out at different times of the day or night. Checks like this can help put off thieves who maybe targeting certain properties.

Events Security
A security company can carry out security operations for many different types of events from fashion shows, film and music events to business events, weddings, parties and celebrity public appearances.

There are a number of advantages to outsourcing security…

  • An independent security resource which is separate from the other members of staff at a company.
  • A dedicated security firm has greater accountability for its performance and the quality of the service provided.
  • Guards have to be licensed by the SIA and undergo extensive background vetting checks and comprehensive training.
  • Security companies can provide audits, recommendation reports and advice.
  • The management of recruitment, disciplinary issues, uniform supply and equipment requirements is handled externally.
  • Ongoing training of security officers, maintaining and renewing licensed status ensures the they are providing fully trained and qualified staff.
  • Clients have no worries concerning cover for sickness, holidays and absenteeism.
  • Allows for the removal, increase or decrease of guards without the worry of employment law infringement.

Whatever you require security for, whether it be for your office or to man a specific event, there are a variety of companies out there who specialise in different areas so that you can find the perfect company for your requirements.