World Host Principles Of Customer Service Training




The WorldHost Principles of Customer Service Training programme helps you and your staff improve the customer service within your business for the benefit of all. The programme teaches invaluable skills and techniques that form the fundamentals of service professionalism, encourages your staff to take pride in what they do and help businesses gain a competitive edge.

Benefits to your Business:
World Host has a proven track record in successfully preparing front line staff to offer the highest levels of customer service and is an essential tool for businesses seeking to protect their bottom line and improve their customer retention rates. It is one of the most effective customer-service training courses available for front-line staff, providing a quality-assured level of service recognition. The delivery of the training is flexible and it can be customised for your organisation and industry.

What you will learn:
The WorldHost Principles of Customer Service programme is a full day training session that aims to equip your staff with the necessary skills to provide the best service for your customers. You learn from our accredited WorldHost trainer and Chartered Marketer Christine Watson through discussion, role play, DVD and CD case study scenarios and a comprehensive training toolkit.

Course Content:

  • Welcoming people skills
  • Customer Needs
  • What forms a first impression?
  • Why should I handle customer concerns?
  • The communications process
  • Effective listening
  • Service Recovery
  • Personalised key commitments
  • Topics to avoid

Cost: €95 per person


We are proud to announce our newest addition to our training academy “Front Line Terrorism Awareness Training “ which is delivered at our state of the art training academy in Swords Co Dublin

The course is delivered over one full day and costs €95 per person, group discount for companies or multiple bookings are available.

Course delivery is through direct contact with the Instructor , lectures, workshops and open discussion designed to increase awareness of the risk associated with the following topics:

  • Extremism Terrorism and Radicalisation
  • Nature of Anticipated Threats
  • Organisation and Premises Familiarisation
  • Countermeasures Overview
  • General Responses
  • Emergency Responses