Security Tips for Protecting Your Business |

Security Tips for Protecting Your Business

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November 14, 2017

Are you finding it difficult to keep your business safe and secure?

With the criminal activity of break-in’s and shoplifting, some business owners may feel out of their depth when it comes to keeping their belongings, merchandise and location safe. Businesses are more at risk than homes. The risk of theft and burglary also depends on the types of business you own and the stock that is being held there. So, if you are feeling wary and uneasy about the thought of your business being targeted, it is crucial that more stringent security measures be put in place. Have a read below and decide what security measures your business needs.


A quality approved security alarm system is essential if you are looking for a quick responses to incidents on your premises. If a break-in occurs or a fire breaks out etc. an alarm will be raised.

A raised alarm ensures that you will be alerted in the case that an issue arises.

A Safe

Whether you have precious belongings at home or important documents at the office, a security safe will keep them safe in the event of a fire, if an intruder breaks in, or some natural disaster. It is even possible to find a safe especially designed to protect against the damage of a fire.


Although CCTV is a fantastic security measure for providing proof of theft or fire etc., it is not a real time security tool unless you are watching the screen at the time. If there has been a break-in, CCTV is a great follow up identification tool. A CCTV system can give you peace of mind in knowing there is always someone keeping an eye on you, your premises and any staff you may have working on site.

Having a CCTV video system can ensure a potential thief is caught and brought to justice, as well as remove any liability you may have in the event of a break in or other emergency.

Onsite Security Professional

Unlike CCTV systems, having onsite security is a real time deterrent which almost nothing can beat. Having a trained security professional onsite to handle any issues that may arise is one of the best forms of security you can employ.

They are usually available to deal with any potential threats or thefts that arise while you are running your business. You can also hire them to keep a watchful eye on your business when you are not there, during closing hours or when you are away on vacation.

So if you are looking to enhance the security on your particular premises then call RFC Security today and we will be happy to arrange a meeting and give you a full site assessment.

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