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What To Do Before Hiring A Landscaper

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December 5, 2017

Are there certain gardening jobs that you are considering to be too overwhelming? Fear not! You are not alone. Many home owners that want to spruce up their garden feel the same. With three aspects of landscaping (softscaping, hardscaping and maintenance), it may be hard to tackle all of them. Maybe it is time for you to call a professional and let them take care of the job at hand. Don’t dive in and hire the first landscaper that you find. Do some research first.

Here at RFC-Security we have compiled some guidelines that you should consider when hiring the landscaper.

Find out their specialties

Decide if you need all three aspects and then find out if the landscaper you have in mind is equipped with the knowledge of installing all three. Not all landscapers are!  If you want design or installation services, look for a full-service landscaper.

Gather your ideas

Save yourself time and money by preparing your ideas before meeting your prospective landscaper. Some companies offer free consultations, but it’s pretty standard for others to charge. Offer as much detail as possible and consider bringing any visual elements that express your inspiration like printing or tearing out images of things you like from landscaping websites, magazines and books.

Ask for references

It can make a huge difference when hiring a landscaper to ask for a list of references from previous jobs. By calling a few of the references and asking to check out their landscaping, you can see exactly what kind of work they produce, find out if their experience was pleasant or not, and if the estimated cost reflected the final cost.


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